Girlfriend says she performed ‘sexual favours’ on Millard after dropping off Bosma’s truck

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Christina Noudga testified in a Hamilton courtroom today that she was “performing sexual favours” on boyfriend Dellen Millard minutes after they dropped off a trailer with Tim Bosma’s truck in it at the home of the accused killer’s mother.

The 24-year-old Toronto woman, who is facing an accessory after the fact charge in the Bosma case, is the Crown’s last witness at the trial of Millard, 30, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 28, of Oakville, Ont., who have both pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

Crowds of people clamoured to get inside the packed courtroom for one of the Superior Court trial’s most hotly anticipated days. Yelling matches even broke out in the courthouse halls as people argued over their place in line, just a short distance away from the Bosma family.

Bosma, 32, who lived in the suburban Ancaster area of Hamilton, vanished on May 6, 2013, after taking two men on a test drive in a pickup truck he was trying to sell. Investigators later found charred human remains, believed to belong to Bosma, in a livestock incinerator on Millard’s farm in Waterloo, Ont.

Three days after Bosma disappeared, Millard picked up Noudga at her home in his pickup truck, towing a large trailer. The two drove to his mother’s home in Kleinburg, Ont., and parked the trailer there, she testified.

Noudga told the jury she thought it was “weird” that Millard parked the truck so close to the garage door.

Millard trailer Bosma truck

The trailer containing Tim Bosma’s pickup truck was found jammed up against the garage door of the home of Dellen Millard’s mother in Kleinburg, Ont. (Court exhibit)

His mother, Madeleine Burns, came outside and asked why the trailer was there. “She kept pressing for answers and he kept throwing them off,” Noudga said.

During questioning by assistant Crown attorney Tony Leitch, Noudga said she never asked Millard what was inside the trailer, or why he parked it the way he did. She described the two of them as being “extremely stoned.” The couple left shortly after dropping the trailer, heading for the MillardAir hangar at the airport in Waterloo, Ont., Noudga said.

“It was more of a sexual expedition driving that way … he was driving, and I was performing sexual favours to him,” she said.

Enters courthouse with face covered

Noudga entered and left the courthouse Wednesday with her face covered by a shawl. She was accompanied by her mother and her lawyer, Paul Mergler.

Christina Noudga

Testimony from Christina Noudga, left, is expected to take multiple days. (Jeff Green/CBC)

The sex act she performed on Millard was one of the few facts Noudga said she could remember during hours of testimony. Over and over, she told the Crown that she couldn’t remember any details about specific dates, times and conversations, only elaborating when Leitch asked her to refresh her memory from police statements and other documents.

Noudga told the court that she went through “multiple practice sessions with her lawyer.”

Millard watched the woman he nicknamed “Kinks” as she made her way to the witness box, but for the most part, she avoided his gaze and kept her eyes on her mother in the back of the courtroom. It is unclear whether she and Millard are still romantically involved.

Noudga laughed more than once during her testimony, much to the disdain of the Bosma family and supporters, who sat stone faced watching as she didn’t clearly answer questions. Noudga testified that she couldn’t remember much from around the time Bosma disappeared, and said she didn’t see Millard from May 6 until May 9, 2013.

DVR kept in closet for months

The jury also heard that Millard gave Noudga a digital video recorder (DVR) just before they moved the truck, and asked her to hold onto it. The court has previously heard that DVR was from the MillardAir hangar, and contained security camera footage. The Crown alleges Bosma’s body was incinerated at the hangar.

She said she put the DVR in her room, and later put it in the back of her closet. Noudga testified she never viewed what was on it. “It didn’t spark my curiosity,” even after Millard was charged with first-degree murder, she said.

“At some point it must have dawned on you that it could be evidence,” Leitch said.

“This specifically? It never dawned on me,” Noudga replied.

She also described how after she and Millard dropped off the trailer at his mother’s house, they went to the hangar and switched vehicles for Millard’s GMC Yukon SUV.

After Leitch repeatedly asked her to refresh her memory from previous statements, Noudga said they went to Millard’s Ayr, Ont. farm.

Moving the incinerator

Once at the farm, Millard told her he wanted to move a livestock incinerator, she said.

“He states that the floorboards underneath were creaking and we should move it out,” she testified.

Noudga said she had seen the incinerator at the farm before, adding that Millard told her he “needed it to burn metals because he was starting an aviation company.”

Dellen Millard

Dellen Millard after he was arrested on May 11, 2013. He is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tim Bosma. (Hamilton Police Service/Court exhibit)

Other witnesses have said Millard told them he bought the incinerator to go into the pet cremation business.

The two wore gloves while moving the incinerator, she said, and attached it to his SUV before towing it out of a barn on the property.

Noudga first said they moved the incinerator “a couple of metres,” but after reviewing one of her statements, she then said they moved it about 80 metres.

At another point, Leitch asked her if she wanted to refresh her memory, and she responded, “is it about having it a little concealed?”

“He said he had concerns about it being stolen, so he wasn’t sure he should move it,” she said after reading one of her statements to police. The machine, known as The Eliminator, was later found on a tree-lined path.

Letters between Millard and Noudga sent after he was arrested were found in her bedroom by police, and will be talked about at the trial in the coming days.

‘I had my suspicions’

Leitch asked Noudga if she was in love with Millard before his arrest. “Yes,” she said. Leitch then asked if the two were exclusive.

“I thought it was … I had my suspicions, but they were always denied,” she said.​

Noudga’s suspicions about their relationship appeared well-founded, as court has heard Millard was involved with at least two other women.

Noudga will be back in the witness box tomorrow, and her testimony is expected to take multiple days.

CBC reporter Adam Carter is in the courtroom each day reporting live on the trial. You can view a recap of his live blog here:

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Girlfriend says she performed ‘sexual favours’ on Millard after dropping off Bosma’s truck

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