Pop and juice no longer sold at the IWK Health Centre

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Pop and juice will no longer be sold at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, starting Tuesday.

The hospital made the announcement on Facebook citing its commitment to nutrition as a deciding factor, noting that the sales ban includes drinks with artificial sweeteners.

The hospital has installed a free hydration station that offers water infused with fruits and herbs for patients, staff and visitors.

People visiting the IWK are free to bring their own sugary beverages from home and patients may consume them if their physician allows.

The IWK says it’s one of the first health centres in the region to stop selling pop and juice. They said they want other institutions across the province to follow their lead.

Healthy changes in N.S. hospitals

Other Nova Scotia health institutions have taken similar strides to make hospitals healthier.

In 2009, the former Capital District Health Authority eliminated fried foods from some of their menus.

The same health authority removed junk food from its vending machines and made Tim Hortons locations in hospitals stop selling donuts in 2011.

In 2012, the health authority reduced sodium in foods sold at hospitals.


Pop and juice no longer sold at the IWK Health Centre

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