Violence erupts at Montreal’s Francofolies festival

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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre denounced the violence that overshadowed the closing weekend of the annual Francofolies music festival.

Police say just after 11:30 p.m., at least 100 people started throwing objects, smashing windows and overturning food vendor carts.

violence franco lafleur

On site food vendors suffered significant damage. (Radio-Canada)

In a news conference Saturday morning Coderre blamed the crowd which came to see a Parisian rapper.

“There were some who weren’t able to control themselves,” Coderre said.

He added that it wasn’t the genre of music which was the problem — but people in the crowd who took advantage of the situation.

Six police officers were slightly injured. Two people have been arrested.

Const. Abudullah Emran of Montreal police says the riot may have started as a fight between concert-goers, but the crowd then turned its attention to buildings along St-Urbain Street, including police headquarters.

Cleaning up mess on St-Urbain

A man cleans up broken glass outside 1800 St-Urbain Street early Saturday morning. Some buildings downtown were damaged when a riot broke out after a Francofolies concert. (Radio-Canada)

A video shot at the scene and posted online shows dozens of people throwing orange traffic cones along St-Urbain, a downtown Montreal street.

Police say the damage extends between St-Denis and Drummond streets.

The Francofolies festival wraps up Saturday night.

Damaged ice cream stand

Montreal police say they have opened a criminal investigation after people in the crowd downtown turned violent and damaged property, such as food stands, Friday night into Saturday morning. (Radio-Canada)

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Violence erupts at Montreal’s Francofolies festival

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