‘Daily Show’ slammed for controversial tweet on Texas abortion ruling

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“The Daily Show” is under fire for a tweet they sent out many are calling out of line.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision Monday to strike down a Texas law regulating abortion clinics, the “Daily Show” tweeted, “Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas!”

Fans immediately responded calling the tweet “inappropriate” and in “poor taste.”

A rep for “The Daily Show” did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.

Texas abortion clinics had challenged a 2013 state law and regulations that cut the number of abortion providers in half, to roughly 20. Fewer than 10 would have remained open if the law was allowed to take full effect. The Center for Reproductive Rights had sued Texas, on behalf of a coalition of abortion clinics.

The Texas law required all clinics performing abortions in the state to operate as certified “ambulatory surgical centers,” which would be regulated under the same standards as hospitals. Doctors who performed abortions were also required to first obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Proponents of the law argued it would improve patient care and safety, though abortion rights groups contended the law made it nearly impossible to operate a clinic in Texas.

The abortion ruling was one of three high-profile cases decided on Monday, likely the final day of the court’s session before a summer break. Decisions on public corruption and guns were also handed down.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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‘Daily Show’ slammed for controversial tweet on Texas abortion ruling

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