J.K. Rowling slammed for use of Native American mythology

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Hyper-sensitive “Harry Potter” fans are having another go at author J.K. Rowling this week following the release of the second installment in her series on the evolution of magic on the North American continent.

The activists are irked that Rowling had the audacity to use figures from Native American mythology in a short story about the founding of a school of wizardry in 17th-century Massachusetts by a “colonialist” interloper on the continent.

Rowling’s fable about an orphan from Ireland starting the first school for non-Muggles in the New World was met with howls of derision from those who accused her of deviously appropriating Native American culture to sell her books.

“Now we see white folk create a magic institution that consumes native knowledge while erasing the natives,” William J. Richardson, self-described as a Ph.D candidate at Northwestern University studying settler colonialism, tweeted.

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J.K. Rowling slammed for use of Native American mythology

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