Male victim at site of Mississauga home explosion served time for murder, police say

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The second body pulled from the wreckage of the Mississauga home destroyed by an explosion earlier this week is that of convicted murderer Robert Nadler, who was released on parole in the 1990s, police say.

Nadler, 55, is listed as the co-owner of the Hickory Drive home, along with his wife Diane Page whose body was found in the debris on Tuesday.

But while the remains pulled from the rubble have been identified, the cause of the blast remains a mystery.

Peel Regional Police say that the fire marshal’s office has continued to comb the site for evidence, but that the instability of the blast zone has slowed the investigation.

Page’s nephew Paul Camilleri visited the epicentre of the blast Friday — an event that saw nine people injured, damaged 24 other homes and displaced 69 families — and said he was shocked by the devastation.

He had not spoken to his aunt recently, but said he knew that she had been depressed and was unhappy in her marriage to Nadler, her second husband.

10 years in prison

The Mississauga man served time in prison in the 1980s after he was convicted of murder in his best friend’s death, Peel Regional Police Const. Harinder Sohi confirmed Friday night. He was sentenced to life in prison, but was eligible for parole within 10 years.

“There was so much tragedy. I just feel so badly for everyone who lost everything.” – Paul Camilleri, nephew of Dianne Page whose body was found in the rubble

Camilleri confirmed that Nadler had been paroled in the 1990s after serving about 10 years in prison.

Neither the coroner nor police have released how the homeowners died or commented on whether they were alive at the time of the explosion.

There’s nothing left of the couple’s home.

The houses on either side of the explosion are structurally unsound and the municipality says they will have to be torn down.

“There was so much tragedy,” Camilleri said. “I just feel so badly for everybody who lost everything.”

Mississauga explosion

Investigators found a second body, a male, on Hickory Drive Thursday. They identified him as Robert Nadler, 55, Friday afternoon. (Bob Kopji)

Neighbours describe Nadler and Page as reclusive.

The couple’s windows had been covered with aluminum foil for years, Bozena Wolanin said, so that no one could see when someone was inside the house. Neither Wolanin nor other neighbours who spoke to CBC said they could remember when the grass had last been cut.

Several people living along Hickory Drive found handwritten notes among the debris, pieces of paper that called on God for his forgiveness for what the writer planned to do. Police have since gathered the notes — which included biblical passages and references to being in pain and in debt — and told reporters they are treating them as evidence, despite there being no direct link to the explosion, Sgt. Josh Colley said earlier in the week.

Those living closest to the blast are still uncertain about when they can return home.

Many of the displaced residents have been allowed back into their houses, as the evacuation had been a precautionary measure after the hydro and gas lines were cut to neighbouring homes.

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Male victim at site of Mississauga home explosion served time for murder, police say

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