Husband of woman accused of concealing infant remains in a locker to testify in Winnipeg

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The husband of Winnipeg resident Andrea Giesbrecht, accused of concealing the remains of six infants in a U-Haul storage locker, is expected to testify today for the first time in his wife’s trial.

Jeremy Giesbrecht is also the biological father of the infants, according to earlier testimony from a forensic biologist. Their remains were discovered in the locker in October 2014.

Andrea Giesbrecht, 42, has been charged with six counts of concealing bodies. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail. She is being tried in front of a judge alone in provincial court in Winnipeg.

The forensic biologist also testified that she compared DNA from the infants to a sample collected from a soiled sanitary napkin presumed to contain Giesbrecht’s DNA. Although experts have said its very likely the infants were Giesbrecht’s, defence lawyer Greg Brodsky has asked throughout the trial about other women staying at the Giesbrecht home and whether they would have access to the Giesbrechts’ master bathroom.

On Tuesday, court heard that the accused had a long-term affair with a man who worked at a casino she frequented. Casino employee, Lyn Burdett, testified that in 2005, Giesbrecht looked about six months pregnant and claimed the other man was the baby’s father. She later said she lost the baby, Burdett said.

On Monday, during a break in proceedings, Giesbrecht’s husband burst into the largely empty gallery, shouting at prosecutor Debbie Buors to protest her decision to call his son as a witness.

“We have a right not to answer your questions,” Giesbrecht’s husband said before leaving the courtroom.

The trial resumed with Giesbrecht’s son, whose name is protected under a publication ban, in the witness box. When asked by Brodsky if his parents had a rocky relationship, the son said they did.

The prosecutor also asked the teenager if Giesbrecht’s husband ever had “girlfriends stay at the house.” Giesbrecht’s son replied by saying, “Not that I know of.”

Earlier, the prosecutor said in court the husband may be an adverse witness and that she may seek permission under the Canada Evidence Act to cross-examine him.

Follow the trial live on mobile starting at 10 a.m. CT.

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Husband of woman accused of concealing infant remains in a locker to testify in Winnipeg

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