Windsor girl forces meeting with prime minister over TPP

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Windsor girl forces meeting with prime minister over TPP

Jada Malott, 12, marched to Parliament Hill and met with prime minister to discuss Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Amy Dodge, CBC News Posted: Nov 02, 2016 8:56 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 9:40 PM ET

Forcing Talks With Prime Minister 0:15

Jada Malott opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She made that abundantly clear in more than 80 letters she wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When the 12 year-old didn’t get any responses, she went to Ottawa to deliver the letters herself. That trek to Parliament Hill in October was worthwhile considering she got to meet Trudeau and share her thoughts in person.

Most importantly, Malott wanted to express to the prime minister the importance of youth in Canada.

“I wanted to let him know that we are probably the most important part of this deal,” she told CBC News. “We are the youth and we are the future and we are going to inherit this earth.”

Jada Malott

Jada Malott finally got to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after sending him more than 80 letters on the subject. She’s seen here with Essex MP Tracey Ramsey. (Tracey Ramsey/Twitter)

Malott isn’t done voicing her concerns to the prime minister. She is now trying to get him to visit Windsor, where she would like him to justify his support for the trade deal.

“He can talk to all the youth and tell them why he thinks the TPP is OK for us,” she said. “I think it’s important we know what’s going on in our country, so we know what we’re going to be dealing with when we get older.”

Malott says the prime minister did agree to come visit Windsor, but no date was set. She looks forward to meeting with him again.

“I met him and I got to talk to him and it was an amazing experience,” she said.


Jada Malott spoke about her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership during a public meeting at the Ciociaro Club in Windsor.

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Windsor girl forces meeting with prime minister over TPP

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