Search for missing B.C. hikers halted for the night

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North Shore Search and Rescue (NSR) has paused the search for two men whose abandoned vehicle was found in a parking lot on Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain on Christmas Day.

Mike Danks, a spokesman for the group, said the search for 64-year-old Chun Sek Lam and 43-year-old Roy Tin Hou Lee will continue “at first light” tomorrow morning, but said the team will first meet this evening to discuss other likely areas where they could look.

“We’ll absolutely resume the search tomorrow, it’s just a matter of in what capacity, with how many members,” Danks said.

“We need to look at the weather as well and see what the avalanche forecast is.”

Danks said they made voice contact with someone on the northeast side of Mount Strachan around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. However, officials weren’t certain if it was Lam or Lee, and Danks said they were not able to make any further contact before calling off their search shortly before 5 p.m. local time.

Danks said it is “very concerning” that the two missing snowshoers are going into their third night missing.

“The fact that they’re together, there’s two of them, that’s a positive thing. They can keep each other warm, they can keep each other positive,” Danks said.

“Our hopes are that they’ve made themselves a little bit of shelter and they’re just keeping warm.”

More than 20 volunteers from NSR and Lions Bay spent all day Monday and Tuesday searching for the two missing men.

The two missing men are described as experienced hikers, but left no route plan and are not believed to be prepared for staying overnight in the frigid wilderness.

Earlier Tuesday, NSR volunteers successfully completed a long line rescue of a missing snowboarder off the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Arslin Zhunus, 20, spent a cold night on a slope near Cypress Mountain Ski Resort before rescuers could reach him.​

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Search for missing B.C. hikers halted for the night

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