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This week, scientists served up the secret to developing a world-champion memory, and the formula for an athletic breakthrough. Also, professors are working together to try getting drug company secrets out of Health Canada. But first, we spoke with a health economist raising the alarm about talk of drug deregulation south of the border.

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Why Canada should care if Trump lowers the bar on drug approval

Canadians should be worried about the anti-regulation mood sweeping the U.S. under President Donald Trump — especially around prescription drugs, according to University of Alberta health economist Christopher McCabe.

In his recent speech to Congress, Trump said he wants to “slash the restraints” on FDA drug approvals.That’s a bad idea, McCabe argues in a commentary in Nature.

For starters, a sick person won’t get better if the drug they’re taking doesn’t work. Plus, spending money on useless drugs wastes precious health care dollars. And McCabe warns, if the U.S. lowers its drug standards, Canada will be under pressure to do the same.

Listen to Christopher McCabe explain why drug companies need to prove their drugs work, and why Canadians should care if U.S. drug approval standards are lowered.

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How to train your brain like a champion: CBC’s health newsletter

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