Taking the money out of marijuana, and how to feel like you’ve won the lottery

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This week, research shows a good night’s sleep can feel like hitting the jackpot, and a Canadian researcher may have found a new weapon in the fight against superbugs. But first, as the government gets set to legalize marijuana, one drug policy expert argues public health and profits don’t mix.

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Taking the big bucks out of bud

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promising to introduce marijuana legislation by the summer, and growers of medical marijuana grappling with pesticide contamination and other quality control issues, we have a second opinion about how to legalize recreational cannabis without affecting public health.

Marijuana Cultivation

Drug policy researcher Michael DeVillaer says the government should set up a non-profit institution to manage marijuana in Canada. (CBC)

It’s easy, says one McMaster University researcher.

No marketing, no advertising, no Big Cannabis. Instead, Michael DeVillaer says the supply and sale of cannabis could be managed by a non-profit institution with a mandate to protect public health and still allow legal recreational use.

“If we were to do this really cautiously, we could do it with a near neutral impact on public health in Canada. But if we don’t, if we go down the same path as alcohol and tobacco, I really think 10, 20 years from now people could be looking back on this and saying, ‘What were they thinking?'” said DeVillaer, who has released a report detailing his plan for a non-for-profit cannabis authority.

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Taking the money out of marijuana, and how to feel like you’ve won the lottery

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