Why this man had his colonoscopy broadcast live on the internet

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It’s not every day you get asked to be the star of an internet video, but when Dan Logan was approached by his gastroenterologist to have his next colonoscopy broadcast live on Facebook, the 64-year-old jumped at the opportunity.

Dr. Barry Lumb, a gastroenterologist at Hamilton Health Sciences in Hamilton, Ont., called Logan while he was on vacation in Peru.

“He said they wanted to broadcast my colonoscopy live on the internet,” Logan says. “I thought, sure, why not?”

Lumb has performed more than 15,000 colonoscopies in his 30-year career. But that’s not nearly enough, he says of the procedure that involves placing a camera on a lighted tube one metre up into someone’s bowels to look for signs of colon cancer, the second-most common cancer in Canada.

“If you find a polyp, you prevent cancer, and I find a polyp in about 30 per cent of people,” he says.

Dr. Barry Lumb and Dan Logan

Dr. Barry Lumb chats with Logan before his colonoscopy. (Owen Thomas/Hamilton Health Sciences)

It takes five to 10 years for a polyp to grow into a full-blown cancer, and many polyps are harmless.

Lumb has watched people who hadn’t been screened die of colon cancer. If their cancer had been caught earlier, he believes, they would have survived.

“I feel terrible. A surgeon here died of colon cancer. He had symptoms for a year and didn’t get scoped.”

‘Any port in a storm’

Lumb is desperate to increase screening rates to catch colon cancer early. He has tried many avenues to raise awareness, but this is his first attempt at going viral.

“Any port in a storm,” he says of turning to live Facebook broadcasts. “Everyone is on social media. I can take the message directly to people and interact with them.”

Logan is not the first person to have his colonoscopy broadcast live.

Watch a replay of Logan’s colonoscopy below.

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Why this man had his colonoscopy broadcast live on the internet

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