Class action approved for Sask. tainted water victims

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According to the law firm involved, the courts have approved a class action that will compensate young people who became sick in the 2001 North Battleford, Sask., tainted water scandal.

People became sick with flu-like symptoms and gastrointestinal complaints when the parasite cryptosporidium turned up in their drinking water.

The contamination occurred after a filtering mechanism in North Battleford’s water treatment system failed during maintenance done in March 2001.

Some 800 people who got sick had already been compensated in previous out-of-court settlements.

However, a third court action was launched with the intention of having it approved as a class action.

That was approved by the courts and according to the firm behind the effort, anyone who was under 18 at the time and became ill can now apply for compensation.

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Class action approved for Sask. tainted water victims

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