Spreading the love: Deer Lake to change its name to Islaview for a day

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For one day, on May 26, the Town of Deer Lake will change its name to Islaview to support a three-year old girl battling severe cancer.

Isla Short will feel the hometown love from her hospital bed in St. John’s.

‘It means so much. It’s so hard to be away from home for this long.’ – Sarah Short

“Each of our staff members answer the telephone and usually say, ‘Hello, Town of Deer Lake.’ Now it’s going to be Islaview for a day,” said Mayor Dean Ball.

“Someone on the other end is going to think they are saying, ‘I love you,’ and that’s a great bit of fun for us that day.”

Isla has been battling cancer since she was just a year old.

“Hopefully, the more people saying ‘Islaview’ or ‘I love you’ on May 26 the more it will change people, in a good way,” said her mother, Sarah Short.

Dean Ball Deer Lake

Deer Lake Mayor Dean Ball says changing the town’s name for a day will be a nice way to support Isla Short. (CBC)

Isla’s uncle brought the request to council, and it was immediately approved.

Islaview is the title of a book about a grumpy man who comes to a town and meets with the mayor, who keeps referring to the town as Islaview. Hearing “I love you” changes the man into a much more content, loving person.

Short said the book is about showing love and compassion and how it can really change a person’s life.

Little Isla has taken a turn for the better recently and she’s much happier.

isla short cancer Sarah Short Michael Short

Isla Short is battling cancer, and her hometown of Deer Lake is changing its name to Islaview for a day in her honour. (Submitted by Sarah Short )

“She’s getting stronger every day. And she is tolerating treatment well,” said her mom.

“She relapsed in December. Ever since then, she’s responded to treatment and doing really well. She’s a child who never gives up and who keeps fighting.”

Short and her husband Michael are very appreciative of the town’s name change, even if they are not home to enjoy it.

“It means so much. it’s so hard to be away from home for this long. You are leaving friends and family, and you know your jobs, your work family, it’s hard being away,” she said.

“But I said to Mike yesterday, even though it’s tough that you don’t have a children’s hospital in your home town, the support from the community makes up for it ten-fold really.”

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Spreading the love: Deer Lake to change its name to Islaview for a day

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