Record low temperatures reported across Canada on New Year’s Eve

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It wasn’t just cold in Canada on New Year’s Eve — for some cities and towns in the country, it was record breaking.

An arctic air mass brought extreme cold to a wide swath over much of Canada on Sunday, prompting cities to alter their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

In southern Alberta, Lethbridge hit a record low of –38.5 C, beating the old record of –36.4 C set in 1992. Records have been kept there since 1886.

It was even colder in nearby Claresholm, another town in southern Alberta, a new record of –41.8 C blew away the record of –35.6 C, which was set in 1964.

Saskatchewan saw record lows as well. In the town of Maple Creek, in the southern part of the province, the temperature dipped to –40.8 C, surpassing the old record of –38.7 C, set in 1993.

Ontarians were shivering as well. Toronto’s Pearson airport saw a record-setting low of –22.6 C, with the old record of –21.1 C set in 1968. At the Ottawa International Airport, the temperature dropped to –28.6 C beating the 71-year-old record of –27.2 C.

Canada150 Rink 20171129

Skaters brave the extreme cold on the Canada 150 skating rink on Parliament Hill in Ottawa last week. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

In Kitchener/Waterloo, a medium-sized city located 108 kilometres west of Toronto, the temperature dropped to –26.9 C, beating by more than five degrees the city’s old record of –21.1C, which was set in 1947 and 1964.

But the record-breaking temperatures in Trenton, Ont., beat all the rest. There, the record of set in 1964 of –23.9 C was ousted by a new record of –29.6 C, with a difference of more almost six degrees.

Records were set south of the border, too. According to Reuters, Omaha posted a low of –29 C, breaking a 130-year-old record, and Aberdeen, S.D., shattered a record set in 1919 with a temperature of –36 C.

The plunging temperatures meant many outdoor New Year’s Eve events across Canada were cancelled, but not in Manitoba. With the temperature at –26 C, which wasn’t a record low, about 22,000 people in Winnipeg simply bundled up and headed out to The Forks, a historic outdoor destination located at the forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers for a night of fireworks and skating.

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Record low temperatures reported across Canada on New Year’s Eve

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