Identity of asylum seekers key to trying Michelle Omoruyi as human smuggler: lawyer

Prosecutors will have to prove that Michelle Omoruyi, the Regina woman recently charged with human smuggling, was not providing humanitarian-type aid to asylum seekers or trying to help members of her family, says a Vancouver lawyer.

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Pedestrian deaths in U.S. spike 11% in study, but precise impact of mobile devices unclear

Pedestrian deaths are climbing faster than motorist fatalities, reaching nearly 6,000 deaths last year — the highest total in more than two decades, according to an analysis of preliminary state data released Thursday.

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Inauguration to usher in a ‘ringmaster president’ and much uncertainty: Chris Hall

Donald Trump is a day removed from becoming the 45th president of the United States, swept to power on a wave of voter disenchantment with politics as usual in Washington and a staunch belief that Trump’s boast of making America great again is something real.

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